Walkera is a distinguished manufacturer of RC electronics, systems, and vehicles. The G-3D Gimbal is a high-precision and portable gimbal specifically designed by Walkera for iLook, iLook+, and GoPro series cameras. The G-3D is built from high a quality aluminum alloy using CNC precision machining, utilizes direct brushless motor drive, and features a high accuracy intelligent electronic control system. This all combines to provide a quality platform that can be used for filming precision aerial shots and a very competitive price! The highly precise and stable system ensures the Gimbal accurately controls the mounted camera to keep everything stable during high-speed flying allowing you to take the best aerial photography pictures and videos. High quality CNC machined aluminum alloy High accuracy intelligent control Direct Drive Brushless Motor Design PWM inputs for Roll and Tilt control Camera cage holds iLook, iLook+, and GoPro Cameras. Includes counterweight for GoPro camera

Walkera Walkera G-3D Brushless Gimbal Vehicle

  • $168.99
  • $133.48

    (as of February 05, 2017 7:02 AM)